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2018: Bielefeld - Second ICON


Based on the success of the inaugural ICON in 2016, the second ICON was organized in 2018 by the University of Bielefeld and GFT e.V., Germany, and held at the conference center of the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld (FH Bielefeld) under the patronage of the second ICON chair, Thomas Huser. Once more, we managed to attract a number of top keynote speakers including the 2014 Nobel laureate W.E. Moerner, the NIH Chief Organelle Biologist, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, and Alberto Diaspro, one of the major pioneers of super-resolution microscopy and fluorescence microscopy in general. Furthermore, a large number of major players in the field presented their newest findings and by expanding the number of abstract speakers, we provided a platform for both the beginning and settled scientist and company-based R&D. A large number of exhibitors presented their latest products in the exhibition area and this allowed a direct contact with researchers. These measures resulted in a truly inspiring event with a significant exchange of scientific ideas.

I would therefore like to thank Thomas Huser and his team, the scientific advisory board, the many sponsors, advertisers and exhibitors, and the international group of attendees for contributing towards a successful conference. I sincerely hope to welcome you all in 2020 in Oxford, where we again will have a line-up of top speakers and a wonderful historical venue.


The organizers

See also the conference reports in Nature Photonics



Scientific Committee


Sponsors & Advertisers



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