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Your abstract should be no more than 500 words and provided in  *.doc or *.docx format.  Abstracts will be included and provided to conference participants on a USB stick/online and/or conference book.


In order to assist with the review/editing of abstracts, please carefully observe the following formatting and style conventions:



  • Titles should be Arial Bold 14 point single spaced.

  • Author information should be set two lines below the title and in Arial 11 point. It should consist of three lines single  spaced: your name, your department/school, your institution.

  • Indicate which author is presenting a poster, if applicable, by underscoring the author's name.

  • The body of the abstract should be set two lines below your author information.

  • Font should be Times New Roman 11 point.

  • Line spacing should be single with 1.5 spacing between paragraphs.

  • Text should be set left, non-justified, block paragraph/s (no indent).

  • Margins should be set at 2.54 cm on top, bottom and right, with a 3.5cm margin on the left.

  • There should be one space after the end punctuation of each sentence in the text.



  • Please use Nature Biotech style for references.



  • Place all titles of separately published works (print, film, televisual and so on) in italics.

  • Use double quotes throughout except for quotes inside quotes.

  • Avoid abbreviations such as “e.g.,” “i.e.,” “etc.”; that is, spell out the words.

  • Use the em-dash for dashes. The em-dash looks like this "—"; that is, a solid double hyphen between words with no space before or after.

  • Do not include footnotes in your abstract. Instead weave any references to authors/titles into the text of the abstract.

Send your abstracts via email to  info-ICON@exxilon.com.de


For help see: Writing Successful Conference Abstracts


Poster board size: 2100 x 1000 mm, ideal for size A0.


If the poster is made electronically, a PDF version may be submitted for inclusion on the USB stick.


Our 2018 Winner 

Viola Mönkemöller

Koninklijke Universiteit Leuven


Our 2016 Winner 

Alexia Loynton-Ferrand

Biozentrum Basel


Our 2020 Winner 


Perhaps you!!

Our 2021 Winner 

Perhaps you!!

Speaking Opportunities - Abstract speakers & Poster Flashes

ICON provides speaking opportunities for both the beginning as well as the settled scientist. There are two different ways to further disseminate your research during ICON:

Poster Flashes

  • Are meant to draw attention to your poster and your research.

  • Flashes last 3 minutes.

  • A maximum of 2 slides may be shown.

  • This is also a great way for students to gather experience in concisely presenting scientific results in front of a critical and peer audience.


Abstract Speakers

  • Abstract speakers are selected based on the submitted abstract by the scientific advisory board ahead of the conference.

  • Presentations are limited to 15 min. Please adjust your slides accordingly.

  • Indicate during registration if you would like to be considered for one of the abstract speaker slots.


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