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2016: Basel - Inaugural ICON

Past event 2016

In 2016, the inaugural ICON was held at the Biozentrum of Basel University under the auspices of the first ICON chair, Markus Sauer. The relentless efforts of the local organizers, Oliver Biehlmaier, Manuela Holzer and Henning Stahlberg ensured that this first ICON kicked-off with a huge success. This was not only reflected in the fact that we managed to secure the support of top speakers and a large number of sponsors and exhibitors, but also the scientific community at large. Furthermore, the conference obtained a thumbs-up, as reflected in the positive conference report by Oliver Graydon, the editor-in-chief of Nature Photonics. 


I would therefore like to thank the local organizers, the scientific organizing committee, the many sponsors and exhibitors, and attendees for contributing towards a successful conference. I sincerely hope to welcome you all in 2018 in Bielefeld, where we again will have a line-up of top speakers and an even more luxurious venue.


The organizers

See also the conference report in Nature Photonics

Nature Photonics


Scientific Committee



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