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2015: Basel - Imaging Beyond the Diffraction Limit


In 2013, the idea for a specialized conference that focused exclusively on super-resolution microscopy arose during an editorial session at the open access publisher, MDPI, in Basel. We managed to obtain the support of the Biozentrum in Basel in the person of Oliver Biehlmaier and Henning Stahlberg. Consequently, we obtained the support of a group of peers, who formed the scientific committee, booked the venue at the Biozentrum, invited speakers, and were negotiating with sponsors and companies, when unexpectedly, the main organizer, MDPI, pulled out. This left us with the situation that we already invited speakers and had invested a significant amount of time and effort. Nonetheless, Oliver, Henning, and I decided to pick up the pieces, move the date backward and revamp the event.


From these ashes, the International Conference On Nanoscopy, ICON Europe arose.

The organizers


Scientific Committee

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