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Registration for ICON 2024 in Jena

Personal Information

Requirements & Catering

Do you have any special requirements?
Do you have dietary restrictions?

For environmental and sustainability reasons, we would like to ask:

Please indicate if you will attend the full conference
Will you attend the conference dinner?

Workshop On Deeplearning and/or UC2open

Would you like to attend the DL workshop?
Would you like to attend the UC2 workshop?

Poster & Speaking Opportunities - Submit all abstracts by Email!!! 

Would you like to present a poster?
Would you like to be considered for one of the 18 speaking opportunities?



Students are those who pursue any academic degree level and have not yet completed a PhD or have just completed a PhD, but are not yet employed as a Post-doc. Please provide proof of your matriculation.

We are unable to process credit card payments at this time, but hope to implement the option for ICON 2025You will be send an invoice.

Thanks for submitting! You will be send an invoice via Email

Billing starts Feb 15th

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