ICON Europe 2020.

Sept. 28th - Oct. 1st

Oct. 1st - Oct. 2nd

3rd International Conference On Nanoscopy
with Satellite Symposium on Image-based Systems Biology

Jena, Germany


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Starts: 28 Sept 2020 16:00 and Ends: 1 Oct 2020 16:00

Conference Chairs

Christian Eggeling
Lothar Schermelleh

University of Oxford

Friedrich Schiller Univerität & Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

The last two decades have seen the advent of a variety of super-resolution imaging techniques that provide spatial resolution well below the diffraction limit, approaching virtually molecular detail. Their widespread application is currently transforming biological research enabling new and exciting views on the structural organisation of cells and the dynamics of biomolecular assemblies on different timescales. These revolutionary developments come with novel requirements for fluorescent probes, labelling techniques, and data interpretation strategies. Researchers from across the scientific spectrum are involved in designing improved tools and solving previously intractable problems using super-resolution techniques. 

We invite you to attend the ‘International Conference On Nanoscopy 2020’, which will uniquely and exclusively focus on super-resolution microscopy and its biological application. Held in Jena, Germany in the summer of 2020, it will bring together an international group of experts to discuss the latest advances and future directions in the field.

In addition, this year's event is directly followed by the 5th International Symposium on Image-based Systems Biology, which focuses on novel techniques that allow the extraction of spatio-temporal information from images in a form that can be used to model morphological, functional and dynamical aspects of biological processes.

Lothar Schermelleh & Christian Eggeling

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Proud to present inspirational speakers from across the globe

(2014 Nobel Laureate)

MPI for Biophysical Chemistry Göttingen (Germany)

Division of Computational Biology, University of Dundee


Susan Cox
María García-Parajo

ICFO - Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, Barcelona


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